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​Last month, Hodgkinson Street Mepham, LLC expertly defended an OB/GYN doctor in a wrongful death case regarding a stillbirth that occurred in 2009, in which the doctor was accused of negligence.

On December 9, 2009, the plaintiff arrived at the hospital in labor and was hooked up to a fetal heart monitor. She labored for about 15 hours, without complication, before the fetal heart monitor indicated signs of distress. She was immediately taken for an emergency cesarean section. The baby was born without a heartbeat and was not breathing. Doctors attempted resuscitation but were unable to save the baby.   

The plaintiff alleged that her baby had suffered hypoxia, or suffocation in the uterus, and that had a cesarean section been done earlier, her baby would not have died. She also alleged that the doctor violated the duty of informed consent by not informing her of various risks alleged to…

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​On December 14, 2012, Oregon Law Institute (OLI) of Lewis & Clark Law School held a seminar focused on teaching Oregon attorneys the basics of how to successfully manage and try a medical malpractice case. The one-day seminar, "Trying a Medical Negligence Case: Tips from the Masters," included a variety of topics including pre-trial issues, discovery, making an appellate record, trial versus alternative dispute resolution, trial strategies, and the evolution of malpractice law civil litigation. 

Hodgkinson Street, LLC’s medical malpractice attorney Jeff Street used his experience from trying nearly 100 jury trials to teach attendees successful trial strategies relating to opening statements and closing arguments. Mr. Street specializes in the defense of physicians and healthcare professionals as a malpractice lawyer in Portland. He has won numerous awards for his work in medical malpractice defense, including listings in Oregon SuperLawyers and Portland’s…

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​Hodgkinson Street, LLC medical malpractice lawyer David Mepham recently participated in OHSU's Transition to Residency program for fourth-year medical students, on March 4-7, 2013. Transition to Residency is a required course developed by the Portland medical school to prepare its fourth year students for residency. The week-long program involves case discussions of legal and ethical issues that can arise in a physician's practice, including malpractice law seminars, workshops, and small group and panel discussions. The discussions were facilitated by physicians and medical malpractice defense attorneys. Topics involved common medical law issues, such as a patient’s refusal of treatment and family conflicts over withdrawing life-sustaining treatment.

Mr. Mepham, a civil litigation defense attorney specializing in medical malpractice law, has participated in this program for several years. Mr. Mepham was encouraged by the preparedness of OHSU's fourth-year medical students as they enter their internships and residencies and…

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