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Resolving Construction Defect and Professional Liability Disputes

A successful mediator must be a skilled negotiator who can see the big picture and understand the facts of a case and the applicable law. Not only that, the mediator must also understand how to utilize those skills to optimize the potential for settlement.

Hodgkinson Street Mepham’s neutral practice offers mediation and arbitration services for all kinds of cases, with an emphasis on construction defect, real estate and commercial disputes.

Construction defect cases are highly complex, often involving technical issues, multiple alleged defects and numerous defendants. Such claims require a fair allocation of liability and damages among the multiple parties involved. Martha Hodgkinson brings nearly 30 years of experience in litigating such cases, using her skills in negotiation to resolve the most complicated lawsuits.

With her unique expertise, Ms. Hodgkinson’s peers routinely select her to mediate all kinds of legal cases, often in matters relating to construction defect claims. She has also earned the respect of judges in Oregon. For especially complex cases designated by the courts, judges and litigants routinely select Ms. Hodgkinson to serve as a “referee.” In this role, she presides over pretrial discovery issues and makes substantive pretrial rulings in pending court cases.

Featured Attorney

Martha Hodgkinson has an active mediation and arbitration practice in construction, real estate and commercial disputes. Additionally, Ms. Hodgkinson also represents clients in construction and real estate matters. Since 2007, she has successfully mediated more than 400 multi-party real estate and construction defect cases.